The Road to Anaheim

The 2022 SBC Annual Meeting will mark the first time in more than 40 years that Southern Baptists have held our annual convention in the great state of California. After the largest crowd we’ve seen in a generation last year in Nashville, we want to invite you to join us in Anaheim, California on June 12-15, 2022. We are so excited about the opportunity to join together with messengers and guests from across our Convention to come together and celebrate what God has done as we cooperate together for the Great Commission.

We are here to help you prepare for your journey to Anaheim to join us. We hope to answer any questions you may have and share insights you didn’t even know you needed.

In episodes of The Road to Anaheim, we will give you all the information you need to know about Southern California, the convention center area, the annual meeting itself, the SBC Pastors’ Conference, Gateway Seminary, the resolutions process and much more.

Join us each and every week on The Road to Anaheim presented by California Baptist University.

New episodes release every Tuesday at

Episode 20 – Schedule Highlights
Episode 19 – Events, Annual Meeting App, and More
Episode 18 – SBC President Ed Litton
Episode 17 – Annual Meeting Business
Episode 16 – Musical Worship
Episode 15 – Exhibit Hall
Episode 14 – Messenger Information and Orientation
Episode 13 – Missionary Sending Celebration
Episode 12 – Resolutions – Submit a Resolution
Episode 11 – Gateway Seminary
Episode 10 – Crossover – June 11, 2022
Episode 9 – California Baptist University
Episode 8 – Prayer for and at the SBC Annual Meeting
Episode 7 – Southern California Airports
Episode 6 – The SBC Pastors’ Conference
Episode 5 – Disneyland
Episode 4 – The Anaheim Convention Center Area
Episode 3 – Southern California
Episode 2 – Messenger Pre-registration and Childcare Registration
Episode 1 – The Road to Anaheim