The Road to New Orleans

Episode 1 – Welcome to The Road to New Orleans
Episode 2 – Messenger Pre-Registration & Childcare Registration
Episode 3 – New Orleans with Jack Hunter
Episode 4 – NOBTS with Jamie Dew
Episode 5 – Food & Family Fun with Jay Adkins
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Episode 6 – 2023 Pastors’ Conference
Episode 7 – Katrina and Ministry in New Orleans with Fred Luter
Episode 8 – Prayer with Ray Swift
Episode 9 – Missions with Paul Chitwood
Episode 10 – Crossover with Alex Brian
Episode 11 – SBC President Bart Barber
Episode 12 – Resolutions with David Sons
Episode 13 – Worship with James Cheesman
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Episode 14 – Events for Women with Tara Dew
Episode 15 – The Order of Business with Spence Shelton
Episode 16 – The Exhibit Hall with Rachel Gulledge
Episode 17 – Messenger FAQ and Info
Episode 18 – Messenger Info with Nathan Finn

A decade ago, more than 7,800 messengers joined together in New Orleans for the 2012 Annual Meeting in Pastors’ Conference. That meeting was the setting for a historic moment in our Convention as we elected Fred Luter as president.

This coming June, messengers from across the country will once again join with one another in New Orleans to celebrate how God is using us to carry out the Great Commission.

New Orleans is a truly unique city and boasts one of the greatest culinary experiences of any city in the country. It’s a city rich in history, tradition, and Great Commission partnerships.

And we want you to join us in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 11-14, for the 2023 Annual Meeting and Pastors’ Conference, and let’s celebrate how God is working in and through churches around the country and the world to accomplish the Great Commission.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the Crescent City in each weekly episode of The Road to New Orleans presented by New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

New episodes release every Tuesday at SBCAnnualMeeting.net.

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