Church Messenger Pre-registration

You can pre-register your church messengers and invited guests online for the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting. It’s easy and convenient. No more waiting in long lines and filling out cards manually.

  1. When you pre-register a church messenger online, each messenger gets a unique 8 digit “Registration code” printed on their messenger card.
  2. Print out the messenger card, and give it to your church messenger. A copy of the messenger card will also be emailed directly to the messenger’s personal email address.
  3. The church messenger presents their messenger card to the registration desk at the 2022 SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, CA.

An update of Article III of the SBC Constitution, approved by the messengers of the 2015 SBC Annual Meeting, allows each cooperating Southern Baptist Church to be qualified for 2 messengers. Churches can qualify for up to 10 additional messengers based on other conditions stated in Article III.

Invited Guest Pre-registration

The SBC will require ALL ATTENDEES to visit the SBC Registration area and register as ‘Guests’.

To ensure the orderly flow of attendees and enhance security of the convention hall, each GUEST must be registered and properly badged for entrance into the general sessions on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14-15, 2022.

This will allow guests to receive a personalized badge and information packets regarding the Convention meetings.

Please remember, the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention is a private religious gathering open to registered messengers, invited guests of messengers, program participants, and approved exhibitors. Entry into the main hall is conditioned on presentation of a proper registration badge displaying the attendee’s name. The Executive Committee reserves the right to restrict access to any part of the Convention meeting facilities.