Registration is now open for Preschool Childcare, now known as Giant Calf, Giant Cow Children’s Ministries, and Youth on Mission in conjunction with the 2024 Annual Meeting & Pastors’ Conference June 9-12 in Indianapolis.

Giant Cow Children’s Ministries will care for preschoolers through their new ministry called Giant Calf for ages 0-4. Giant Cow will also lead the 5-12 year olds, and Woman’s Missionary Union will guide the Youth on Mission curricula and activities.

All activities for children/youth will be housed at the Indiana Convention Center, the Annual Meeting site. Youth who have completed grades 7-12 will begin their days at the Convention Center with worship each morning before going into the community for hands-on mission projects.

Giant Cow Kids & Preschool Childcare

(Birth to 12 years) Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

The Giant Cow Team is now coordinating all programming and care for ages 0-12. That means that families will be able to purchase tickets for kids attending Giant Calf (ages 0-4) and Giant Cow (ages 5-12) all at the same time.

Giant Cow Children’s Ministries once again brings their high-energy worship, impactful drama & storytelling, Scripture memorization, games, activities and more for our kids production in Indianapolis. And your kids can also look forward to the return of the very popular SBC Kids Talent Show!

“Maurice Moorauder & the Ocean of Emotion” is the theme for this year’s Giant Cow events. Join Cow for an adventure on the high seas. This dramatic fable focuses on the great treasure of emotions God has given us. Everyone’s treasure looks a little different. Maurice Moorauder and the crew get to learn about how God has prepared a map to not only find this treasure of emotions but also how to use them once thy have been discovered. So come meet the menagerie of pirates, sailors, swashbucklers, castaways, and more as you dive deep into the Ocean of Emotion.

Giant Cow Ministries will be running Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, June 9-12, 2024.

Youth on Mission

(Completed grades 7-12 by May/June 2024) Tuesday and Wednesday

Youth on Mission will unite students from across the US as they engage in hands-on mission projects at ministry centers and parks near the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis on June 11-12, 2024, for $60 per youth, plus a non-refundable registration fee of $10 per youth. Lunch and snacks will be provided both days.

These opportunities are designed for students to grow in their personal walk with Christ and awaken a passion to live out their faith in tangible ways. Both days will be packed with excitement and encouragement as students hear from missionaries, serve the city, and share their faith.