Parking Information

Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex

2100 Richard Arrington Jr. Blvd. North Birmingham, AL 35203

Pick-up and Drop-Off for Church Buses and Cars:

The designated location for pick-up and drop-off of passengers is on 19th Street in the pull-thru drive labeled as P2. There is NO parking in this area.

You will enter 19th Street from either 11th Avenue North or 9th Avenue North. If you are dropping off and then need to park, there are several parking lots available.

If you need to park a bus, you would go to the P12 lot which is on 23rd Street which is off 12th Avenue North.

Church Bus Parking:

Bus parking is $25 per day at Lot P12.

Hotel Shuttle Buses:

Shuttle buses will drop-off and pick-up from the BJCC Circle Drive which is the closest entrance for registration. There will be color-coded signage so you will know where to catch your ride.

Parking Information:

The rate for parking is $10 (this is for each time you enter)

Concert Hall/Theatre:

Suggestions for a Concert Hall event would be P15, P4, P13 and P7.

Legacy Arena:

Suggestions for Legacy Arena parking would be P13, P15,P14, P4 and P7.

Meeting Rooms:

Suggestions for Meeting Rooms would be P4, P7 and P5.


Suggestions for conventions would be P4, P7 and P5, P13, and P15.

ADA and Accessibility:

The BJCC complex is ADA Compliant.

Wheelchair Accessible Parking:

ADA parking is available on all parking lots of the BJCC on a first-come, first- serve basis. The BJCC parking map indicates lots closest to the venue. Drop off points are 11th Avenue North by the Concert Hall & 19th Street North by the Central Ticket Office. ADA ramps are located throughout the complex from all directions.

ADA Seating & Entrance Information:

Legacy Arena Wheelchair Accessible Platform Seating: For ADA seats located on the platform (7L, 8L, 9L & 10L Rows 1 & 2), please enter through the Arena Club. The entrance to the Arena Club is located in the piazza at the center of the complex. ADA ramps are located throughout the complex from all directions.

Legacy Arena Wheelchair Accessible Seating Lower Level Bowl:

For ADA seats located at the top of the lower level (5L, 7L, 11L, 13L 15L, 17L, 19L, 21L 23L, 27L & 29L row X), you may enter 19th Street by the Central Ticket Office or 9th Avenue by the marquee. ADA ramps are located throughout the complex from all directions.

Concert Hall Wheelchair Accessible Seating:

For ADA seats located in the ADA section, please enter through front doors or by using the ADA ramp from 11th Avenue entrance. An elevator will take you to main floor to correct area.

Bus Drop Off

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For more detailed information regarding all of the travel, parking, and entrances, please go to You will find interactive maps that will assist with your travels from any direction.
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