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 2003 SBC Annual Meeting June 17-18, 2003
2003 Annual Meeting
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Southern Baptist Convention Children's Conference (Grades 1-6)

Howdy Partner! There's a new sheriff in town, and it's you!

Welcome to Lawless Gulch, a rough and tumble town out on the range, where the townsfolk have just been introduced to the "ten commandments" and it's up to you to make sure that these new laws are not broken.

Children grades 1-6 are invited to join a team of Cowboys and Cowgirls at the children's conference, as we tame the Wild West!

Together with a posse of children your age, you will create hands-on-crafts, memorize Bible verses, hear incredible stories, and get the point quicker than sittin' on a cactus! YEEEHAW!

Conference Theme:
Frontiers of Faith invites all Cowboys and Cowgirls grades 1-6 to join a "posse" in search of treasure. In Lawless Gulch, the town has just heard of God's Law and told that there is a great treasure to be had by all that keep His word.

Using a variety of songs, skits, stories, activities, and crafts, Frontiers of Faith explains to children the importance of knowing and keeping God's Word. Learning that we must hide God's word in our hearts, we will memorize Psalm 119:9-18 and the Ten Commandments.

Registration Information:
Please fill out both the following forms to completely register each child, and send to our offices. Please include a non-refundable registration fee of $10.00 per child. Please make your check payable to Children’s Conferences International and on the MEMO line write SBC Children. Send the check, registration, and medical release forms to:

SBC Children’s Conference

P.O. Box 208
Swartz Creek, MI 48473

The total cost for each child attending is $45.00 per child, please be prepared to pay the remainder of the fees due at the conference.

The Children’s Conference will be held during the following sessions:

There will be morning, afternoon (except Wednesday), and evening sessions as stated, but the times are approximate. Please check the final SBC Pastors’ Conference and Southern Baptist Convention Annual Meeting schedules for the exact times.

Monday, June 16 – Conference Begins


8:15 - 11:45


1:00 - 4:45


6:00 - 9:30
Tuesday, June 17


8:15 - 12:00


1:00 – 5:00


6:30 - 9:45
Wednesday, June 18


8:00 – 12:10


No afternoon session


6:00 – 9:15

We have representatives available to answer any questions that you may have about the conference structure, content, safety and security of the Children’s Conference.

To assure your child a place in our on-site Children’s Conference, applications and fees must be returned promptly. Space will fill quickly due to a limited number of spaces. When your completed form and registration fee for each child is received, a confirmation email will be sent to you.

This confirmation email will consist of:
Parent information letter
Letter to Children
Security information
Procedures for check-in and check-out

Friday, May 30, 2003 is the postmark deadline. Do not mail your registration after that date. Any registration postmarked after May 30, 2003 will be returned. If you have missed the postmark date, please print and bring the completed registration with you and the children will be accepted only if there is space available.

If you have any questions, please call us (810) 244-3325, or email us at brian@dentonbrothers.com.

Download Children's Conference Registration (Microsoft Word file)

Note: To download the above Word document, right-click on the link, select "Save Target As...".

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